Things that make your Mog feel speedy!

Things that make your Mog feel speedy!
  1. Another Mog with a bad fuel pump/ignition system

  2. A loaded five ton U-haul

  3. A big loaded garbage truck

  4. A flat out Grader towing a pickup

  5. Driving with the cab roof off in the winter

  6. Steering your own Mog down the alley with the cab off (see here)

Unconfirmed Mog Speeding!
We've had some suggestions that we don't think a Mog has actually experienced, but are much too good to pass up, they would make your Mog feel speedy:

  1. Driving home in your Baja after a weekend of off-roading when your ball joint has been replaced with a well engineered coat hanger arrangement.

  2. Following a Diesel Vanagon may not make you feel like you are going fast, but at least you have company.

E-mail us your suggestions.  They must be things that you (or someone you know) have experienced.  Toddlers on tricycles don't count!