Web Site Links

Volkswagen Links
www.type2.com - This is a great resource for all things Type II. It's also the home of A.I.R.S.

www.vintagebus.com - Another good Type II site.

UniMoG Links
www.cs.brandeis.edu/~zippy/unimog-404.html - The 404 FAQ is an invaluable resource.  Especially for those who don't have the Instruction manual for their mog.

www.rockymountainmoggers.com - Home of the Rocky Mountain Moggers. A good starting place.

www.unicat.net - These guys make some pretty neat looking campers.  If I had half a million or so to spend on an expedition motorhome this is where I'd go.

Motorcycle Links
www.rockymountainmotards.com - Calgary's own SuperMoto club.

www.sportcycle.ca - If you have a Ducati in Western Canada, Brian's the man to look after it for you.

www.cip1.com - This is the source for most of our VW parts.  The odd mog part too, like gasket sets for the Zenith 32 NDIX carburetors, and the VDO temperature sender.

www.eurotech-services.com - Jim Ince knows UNIMOGs. What more can be said except if you're shipping to Canada DON'T USE UPS, the next day service takes seven days.  I guess UPS had a hard time finding Canada.

www.expedition-imports.com - Scott is another excellent source for both NOS and new factory Mercedes parts.

www.gwcycleworld.com - Theses guys are Canadian and have a decent webstore - let's keep supporting their efforts to bring us fair pricing in our own country.

www.petes-superbike.com - Pete's has the best Sport Bike Tire pricing in Canada.

www.albertacycle.com - Another excellent source for tires, particularly for the dual sports.