Giggles/Snowball Restoration

This our 1971 Canadian custom beetle.  His name is Giggles.  His name is also Snowball because he has much fun playing in the snow.  Most people wouldn't bother to go to the extent that we have in this restoration for a '71.  We felt it was worth it to have a rust free, reliable, fun handling daily driver.

This is Giggles before a cracked head took him off the road.  Looks great from a distance.

Part I

Part II

Part III

It is with heavy hearts that we report that Giggles is being retired as of the winter of 2007/2008.  After five years of fun driving, the rust has come back again.  Serious work is required to restore Giggles to another life, and we have decided we will not be the ones to do it.  A 2008 smart fortwo has stepped up to take over the job as second car/around town runabout.