Current Part Numbers

We have had reasonable luck getting some parts from our local Mercedes Benz dealer.  Here is a list of the part numbers of the parts that we have ordered so far:
Description Part Number Date
intake/exhaust manifold gasket 180-142-07-80 October 2003
valve cover gasket 123-016-00-21 October 2003
head gasket 180-016-47-20 March 2004
water pump gasket (to head) 616-203-00-80 March 2004
chain tensioner sealing ring 002-99736-45 March 2004

A number of the basic tune-up parts are readily available at our local NAPA or other auto parts store.  Here are a few items that we have part numbers for:
Description Brand Part Number
oil filter element Wix (NAPA) 51310
ignition rotor (water sealed distributor) Standard GB302
ignition rotor (water sealed distributor) Echlin (NAPA) EP141
shock (close fit, not exact) Gabriel 83314
Note:  NAPA numbers are not the same between Canada & the U.S. - if you get a really good parts person they can sometimes cross reference, but not always.